Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Organization Tips for Your Home

It is a serious challenge to keep things tidy and organized at home. From muddy little feet running around to yard upkeep to all the cooking, there is a lot going on at home. So, let's give a few tips for managing all the stress.

1) Keep your keys in the same place

2) Use some bins for books or toys

Clear bins are awesome for when you want to see what is in them. Fabric cubes work really well for toys to keep them out of the middle of the floor when the kiddos are not playing with them.

3) Kick out the Junk

Really, we mean it. Why not squash all those creepy crawlies in the basement and turn it into an amazing hang out space? Also, you could actualy display all your books in the office with some shelves from IKEA.

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